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Ze'ev Raban

Born: 1890 Lodz, Congress Poland - Died: 1970 Israel

Raban studied in a number of European academies especially in Brussels where he was inspired by Art Nouveau. Under the influence of Boris Schatz, he came to Palestine in 1912 (in the Second Aliyah) to work and teach at Bezalel. In 1921 he participated in the historic Tower of David exhibition, the first exhibit of Hebrew artists in Palestine. Raban is regarded as a leading member of the Bezalel school art style in which artists portrayed Biblical and Zionist themes in a style influenced by Jugendstil artists and by traditional Syrian and Persian styles. Raban famously illustrated books of the Old Testament. Other works included paintings, sculpture, jewelery, and ceramics. He designed decorative elements for the King David Hotel and the Jerusalem YMCA. He also designed commercial packaging, bank notes, tourism posters, and Zionist insignia. He designed a wide range of ritual objects including the menorah used by Barack Obama in a 2015 White House Hanukah celebration.