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Liliane Klapisch

Born: 1933, Cachan, France

Klapisch studied painting in Cachan and Paris. She has lived in Morocco and immigrated to Israel in 1969. She works and lives in Jerusalem and Paris. Klapisch began as a figurative artist but switched to post-World War II abstraction in Europe and was part of the famous Realites Nouvelles Group. After her rise in Paris art circles, she abandoned abstraction for a return to observing nature and figurative painting. Her work in Israel has concentrated on several closely observed subjects: her studio interior and views from its windows and construction sites. The construction site paintings deal with the intrusiveness of human undertakings in the landscape, the violation of nature, and the Arab and foreign workers who are harnessed to do the labor. Based on close observations of the world around her, an extraordinary sense of color and Israel's blinding light, her works are achievements at the profoundest level of the painter's art.

Building Site / Oil on canvas