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Dani Karavan

Born: 1930, Tel Aviv

Karavan's father was the chief landscape architect of Tel Aviv. Karavan studied with Marcel Janco and at the Bezalel School of Art. He also studied fresco and drawing in Florence and Paris. He is famous for wall reliefs in Israeli courts, the Knesset, and research institutions. He has designed sets for the Martha Graham and Batsheva dance companies. He represented Israel at the 1976 Venice Biennale with the sculpture "Jerusalem, City of Peace." His many outdoor sculptural installations are in Israel, Europe and Asia. One of the most famous is his memorial for Walter Benjamin in Portbou at the Spanish French border. He advocated on behalf of Tel Aviv's International Style of architecture which helped it become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. He is a recipient of the Israel Prize for sculpture.

Untitled, 1972 / Aluminum Sculpture