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Dov Heller

Born: 1937, Romania

Heller was left in Romania in 1939 by his parents, who immigrated to Palestine. In 1946, he arrived in Palestine and began his search for his parents finally living in their home at age 13. His father was a communist factory worker and his mother was depressive, finding solace in movies and Arab soap operas. Dov's works are socio-political allegories recounting a history of war and struggle. He is an unrepentent socialist who celebrates collectivism and his kibbutz, Nirim, next to Gaza. His latest series of etchings, Tel Gamma, tells the story of Ria Salama and her daughter Majda who were killed by an Israeli soldier during Operation Cast Lead.

Tel Gamma series, Ria Salama & Majda / Etching, aquatint, sugarlift and electric pencil work