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Moshe Gershuni

Born: 1936, Tel Aviv

Once a conceptual artist who sang prayers at museums and galleries, Gershuni is now an expressionist painter many feel is Israel’s most powerful artist. His works have dealt with war and Israel’s politics and morality. His newest works explore the heights and depths of religion and the nature of belief. He is the most renowned artist of this generation. In 1980, he was Israel’s representative to the Venice Biennale. He has won the Aika Brown Prize; the Sandberg Prize; the Kolb, Sussman, and Mendel and Eva Pondik prizes; the George and Janet Jaffin Prize; and he was awarded the Israel Prize, which was canceled as he refused to participate at the awards ceremony.

Untitled (Sun) / Oil on canvas, 1996. Exhibited at the exhibition 'Sun' held at the Tel Aviv Museum in 2000
Untitled (Burning Bush) / Oil on canvas
Kadish / Etching
The Boat and the Flag / Mixed Media on Paper