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Fima (Efraim Roeytenberg)

Born: 1916, Harbin, China - Died: 2005, Israel

Fima's father worked on the Eastern China Railway. The family settled in Harbin, China. In 1933, Fima moved to Shanghai where he studied art with Russian and Viennese teachers. He eventually studied Chinese calligraphy and philosophy which had a great influence on his subsequent art and life. In 1949 he left China for Israel. He slowly gained a reputation in Israel and finally had a hugely successful exhibition at Bertha Urdang's Rina Gallery. It led to his discovery by French critics and a move to Paris for the next 41 years. He also showed at New York's Museum of Modern Art. He was critically acclaimed in Israel also and had exhibitions at the Israel Museum and Tel Aviv Museums as well as the Jewish Museum in New York. He returned to Israel in 2002 and even exhibited in Hong Kong before his death in 2005. His integrity, the beauty of his brushstrokes and colors and his incorporation of Chinese street banners and calligraphy made him one of the most unique and entrancing of all Israeli artists.

Still Life (Flowers) / Oil on canvas
Vase with Yellow Flowers / Oil on canvas
Interior with Flowers / Oil on canvas