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Adam Berg

Born: 1962, Tel Aviv

Adam had a 2010 one-man show in Italy and in 2007 an exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum. With an extraordinary background in philosophy and science, Adam's works are conceptual in nature. His fabulously inventive videos and installations probe the essence of space and time. He works on the nature of vision using scientific and artistic theories to inspire him. He inaugurated our new gallery space with his work “Solar eclipse.” The work uses visual material inspired by Michelangelo and by works he did for his exhibition at the Palacio Medici in Florence. In 2012 he had the exhibitions “Endangered Spaces” at the Santa Monica Museum of Art and “Wormholes” at the Inga gallery in Tel Aviv. He is currently preparing for a museum exhibit in Italy.

Solar Eclipse / Plexiglass installation
Land Origami / Photo etching and resin on brushed aluminum